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Helping manage your energy needs requires a full range of services. From energy audits to plan implementation, we offer complete services, either directly or through our reputable partners, that help you profit from becoming more energy efficient. We pride ourselves on being able to find the right solution for all energy issues you may face, so contact us to see how we can help.

 Energy Policy and Strategy

Making changes at the upstream levels of large EWE systems equals benefits for all involved. We help manage the production and distribution on a large scale, for both public and private organizations.

  • Consulting on national EWE policy and strategy reform.
  • Demand Side Management incentive programs design and development.

 Energy Efficiency (EE)

The tools are here to make going green the wise decision, for the environment and your bottom line.

  • Import latest energy efficient products and technologies applicable to the Middle East market.
  • Providing energy information technology related programs and services.
  • Implement and maintain EE projects for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.
  • Financing and funding of EE projects.

 Clean-tech and Environment

The worldwide need for a cleaner planet is at the heart of what we do. Ensuring the region's sensitive ecological system is here for future generations to use and enjoy starts today.

  • Commercialization of renewable energy and alternative fuels solutions.
  • Carbon and harmful emissions management.
  • Water management, desalination and treatment.
  • Creation and development of eco-friendly cities.

 Financing the Future

Long term savings and profitability often require an initial injection of cash flow in order to get started, and we provide ways of obtaining the financing for EWE projects and startup companies.

  • Create a venture capital fund to support startups in EWE and clean-tech sectors.
  • Assist startups in finding the necessary funding to get going.
  • Encourage new technologies through the funding of research and development.
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