CEO of E2E, HE Khaled Irani, Lead Policy Consultant for the Development of National Environmental Strategy for Iraq

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Wed, 10/19/2011

Early July 2011, CEO of E2E, HE Mr. Khaled Irani has been assigned as lead policy consultant for United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to work on the formulation of a new national environmental strategy and action plan for Iraq.

HE is working with a team of consultants to support the Ministry of Environment of Iraq with strategy development, identifying national environmental priorities, defining the country’s environmental protection needs and providing solutions. This collaborative effort also embraces the participation of all Iraqi ministries and key directors and staff.

The team has been employing several analyses to identify the gaps between the current situation and the program's expected outcomes. A significant part of the program includes a complete organizational development assessment and a capacity building plan for the Iraqi Ministry of Environment.

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